Sitecore Virtual Developer Day 2022

Recently I presented “The incremental path to Jamstack” at Sitecore Virtual Developer Day (VDD). This was a topic I had first presented a while back, but as always it evolved as I dug into it more and ended up building a full demo as a walkthrough. The session synopsis was:

This session aims to give developers a better understanding of why and how to start moving down the path from legacy MVC applications to the new world of Jamstack sites, without rebuilding from scratch. I’ll take a look at the advantages of Static Site Generation and composable applications and how this fits in with the direction of Sitecore’s latest product suite. Of course I’ll demo some of the new features and tools provided in Sitecore 10.2 that help developers incrementally migrate from Sitecore MVC to a modern Next.js application.

This presentation will be full of demos, code and practical tips to help developers better plan their journey into the modern composable DXP world, in a sustainable and incremental manner.

This session (and all others at VDD) has now been published on Youtube, so feel free to check it out and get in contact if you have any questions.

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