Sitecore Virtual Developer Day 2022

Recently I presented “The incremental path to Jamstack” at Sitecore Virtual Developer Day (VDD). This was a topic I had first presented a while back, but as always it evolved as I dug into it more and ended up building a full demo as a walkthrough. The session synopsis was:

This session aims to give developers a better understanding of why and how to start moving down the path from legacy MVC applications to the new world of Jamstack sites, without rebuilding from scratch. I’ll take a look at the advantages of Static Site Generation and composable applications and how this fits in with the direction of Sitecore’s latest product suite. Of course I’ll demo some of the new features and tools provided in Sitecore 10.2 that help developers incrementally migrate from Sitecore MVC to a modern Next.js application.

This presentation will be full of demos, code and practical tips to help developers better plan their journey into the modern composable DXP world, in a sustainable and incremental manner.

This session (and all others at VDD) has now been published on Youtube, so feel free to check it out and get in contact if you have any questions.

Core Web Vitals – Measuring UX – Slides

There has been a lot of discussion lately about Core Web Vitals CWV, Measuring User Experience and how this relates to SEO and website performance. At a recent Perth Sitecore User Group I dug into what CWV are, what they are trying to achieve….and busted a few myths along the way. I explored some of the tools to help measure and improve your CWV, how to better interpret them (100 Lighthouse score is not the be all and end all!) and what that REALLY means to your SEO with Googles more recent changes.

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Get to know an MVP podcast

Recently I joined Nicole Montero on the Core sampler podcast in an episode of “Get to know an MVP” to talk about getting involved in the community and being a Sitecore MVP. Unfortunately I was quite sick at the time, but it was a fun to share my experiences and something that forced me to reflect on not only my achievements but the achievements of the community as a whole. Well worth checking out many of the great episodes, which are all listed here on the Sitecore MVP website.

You can listen to my episode below.

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Symposium 2019 – What to look forward to

Sitecore Symposium 2019 is coming up at the Swan and Dolphin* Resort in Orlando, FL.  I live on the other side of the world from Orlando.  Almost literally. It’ll take me just short of 24 hours flight time to get there.  Add in transit and the inevitable delays, it’s over 30+ hours door to door…..each way. I’ll also be leaving a young family and (very understanding) wife at home.  This bit, in particular I am not looking forward to.

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Sitecore Community roundup

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At the most recent meetup of the Perth Sitecore User Group, we tried a bit of a new format. Given we are physically isolated (surrounded by desert and sharks) and in a timezone that bends the space/time continuum, we have come up with some plans to further engage with the community around the world and start some discussions locally.

At the last meetup we kicked it off with Andy Parry  giving a knowledgeable presentation on Universal tracker usage and installation.  Then following a short pizza & beer break we moved into what we are terming the “Sitecore community roundup”.  This is loosely based on the format of the “ASP.Net live community standup” (, which if you haven’t checked out already….do.  I presented a curated a list of blog posts/videos, community news & events that had been shared amongst the wider Sitecore community over the past month or so.   We stepped through each link and gave a quick summary and kudos mentions to the authors before handing over to the floor for discussion.  This worked really well, with participants engaging with related issues/solutions and starting some ad hoc discussion around each topic.  It was a great conversation starter and attendees now have the chance to grab the links list and follow up on the topics that particularly interest them.

In future, we hope to try and engage with authors/contributors in a short, live Q&A or recorded interview typed format, to help foster further interaction with “the outside world”.  If you find yourself reading this and have written a cool post that you’re keen to share, get in touch on twitter of slack.  We’ll be doing this again mid-April.

Last, but not least.  Below is a onetab link to all of the blog posts, videos, community news & events we talked about.  If you wrote/recorded any of those…Thank you for your contribution! We’d love to hear from you to chat about it at a future meetup.

All the links: