SUGCON ANZ 2019 – The sessions

The inaugural SUGCON ANZ was held in August 2019.  Below are links to videos, agenda etc of the sessions.  For more detail, check out this post on my experience and some of the highlights.


A selection of sessions were live streamed. By no coincidence, they were also the sessions I attended….often with face in laptop, furiously tweeting out stream URLs.  You can still view these online (NB: Australian internet quality) on the links below.

There were a bunch of sessions we were unable to stream.  You can see the full agenda on the SUGCON ANZ website.  We will also be updating the website with presenter’s slides soon.

Day 1

Welcome & Keynote:  Microsoft’s DevOps Transformation
Damian Brady (@damovisa)

Sitecore JSS in production & at scale – key learnings
Alex Shyba (@alexshyba)

Extreme Experience Forms: Taking it to the Edge
Mike Reynolds (@mike_i_reynolds)

Too Fast, No Furious (Visitors)
James Hirka (@jameshirka) and Jason Woods

Meet Your New Bestfriend: The Sitecore Rules Engine
Jeffrey Rondeau (@jrondeau16)

Day 2

Rock Star Research!
Kevin Wilkins

Sitecore Horizon: The future of content editing
Rob Earlam (@robearlam)

Marketing Automation Extensions
Alistair Deneys (@adeneys)

The Best Hidden Features in TDS Classic
Sean Holmesby (@seanholmesby)

Sitecore JSS + ReactJS – Development Workflow in Practice
Angel Chuang

Offline tracking with the Sitecore Universal Tracker
Akshay Sura (@akshaysura13)

Nik Hendel

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