Migrating Sitecore solutions to docker-compose v2 – bonus gotchas

Docker made docker-compose v1 obsolete a while back and the deadline for deprecation and removal from the Docker Desktop application is closing in. Versions released after June 2023 will no longer support docker-compose v1, which has been used in Sitecore and community repositories as local development setup examples for a while. It’s time to get “older” solutions upgraded!

Luckily it’s pretty straight forward. Rob Earlam wrote an excellent post about upgrading the XM-Cloud-Introduction repo on his blog (https://robearlam.com/blog/docker-compose-v2), which will get the job done in most solutions.

However, I’ve hit a few additional gotchas with some solutions that hopefully will avoid some googling or politely asking ChatGPT. Not all are specifically docker-compose v2 related, but snags we hit across teams when carrying out the upgrades.

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